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Tradução Simultânea, a demanda aumenta

maio 7, 2012

2012 está bombando e Intérpretes Profissionais tem trabalhado nos mais variados eventos – mudanças clilmáticas, eventos financeiros (muitos), veterinária, agricultura, eventos jurídicos, enfim muitas novas informações e assuntos interessantes.

A demanda para o trabalho de intépretes aumenta a cada dia conforme um artigo muito interessante que saiu no

Leia para conferir…..

By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles TimesMay 5, 2012

A Chinese customer visited the Fox Hills branch of Wells Fargo Bank in Culver City recently to ask about several transactions on his checking account that didn’t make sense to him. But he spoke only Mandarin, and no one in the bank could interpret.

In Southern California, where more than 200 languages are spoken, it’s the type of problem that businesses and their customers face every day. As a result, companies that offer interpreters over the phone are in great demand by retailers, hospitals, banks, restaurants and other merchants.

Wells Fargo branch manager Maged Nashid described what happened when the Mandarin speaker showed up. “We had a hard time communicating with him,” he recalled. “I took the customer to my desk, gave him some water and called the 800 number for assistance.”

Leia o restante em *Aumenta a demanda para trabalho de traduções simultâneas*